40 Questions To Ask A Guy Over Text

It’s usual fun when you are starting out a relationship with a guy, the suspense and excitement is something to cherish. However, something we are lost for what to say and questions to ask especially when it comes to sexual questions. These days guys want to be with a lady that is not shy or showing lack of knowledge in sexual matters. We have decided to help you out by providing you with 40 Questions to ask a guy over text. These questions are dirty and sexual and are design to turn him on. So if you have sex in your mind or just want to explore the sexual side of your relationship then you will find these question very useful. Also we have provided more dirty questions that are design specifically to turn him on. These question are applicable if you are with him in the room and thinking of getting down with him. You can also ask these questions over text if you are thinking of sexting or phone sex, so lets get started.

40 Questions To Ask A Guy Over Text

1.  What’s your number one sexual secret fantasy?

2. Do you masturbate and how often in a single day

3. Do you watch porn and what’s your favorite porn site?

4. Have you ever had threesome and would consider having it?

5. Which celebrity actress would like to have sex with?

6. What is the most awkward place you have had sex

7. What do you do when you are alone and feeling very horny?

8. What’s your favorite sex style and would consider it teaching me?

9. I’m wearing a red pant, would you like to see it?

10. I like to sleep naked, if you were here what would you do to me?

More Dirty Questions That Turns a Guy On

Turn a guy on

16. Have you ever said someone else’s name during sex, instead of the girl you were with and what did she do?

17. Have you ever had sex with someone while wishing it was another girl?

18. Have you ever dated two friend at the same time and did they find out?

19. If you could only have one type of sex for the rest of your life, what would you choose: oral, anal or regular?

20. What’s your favorite sex position?

21. If you were to choose one sex position for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

22. Would you like to have sex with me and why?

23. Are you the jealous type and have you ever felt jealous when you saw me talking to another guy?

24. Have you ever had a phone sex and how was the experience?

25. If I tell you to come over my house for sex would you?

26. Have you ever wanted a girl sexually because you friend has had her?

27. Would you be interested in doing the 69 sex position with me?

Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy Over Text

In asking a guy flirty questions design to turn him on, it’s important to make it come natural. The reason for this is that guys get easily turned on and when next he sees you, he will somewhat wants to continue the conversation. The key is to relax and let your questions also affect your emotions and sexual mood. For example, if you ask a guy what would he do to you if he’s alone with you and you are just wearing panties and bra, follow his response and tune in to his words as much as you can. Ask further question either for clarification to get to get him further involved.

More Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy.

28. Would you consider giving me a head (oral sex) if I ask you to?

29. What typically turns you on in a woman?

30. What part of my body would you like to touch right this moment?

31. Do you think you have what it takes to turn me on?

32. What would you say or do to me to turn me on and get me dripping wet?

33. If I tell you am very horny right now, what can you do to satisfy me?

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Deep Questions To Ask A Guy Over Text

Not all questions you ask a guy over text has to be sexual in nature. In fact if you are thinking of developing a strong lasting relationship with a guy, it’s important you mix sexual and deep question together. A guy should find you super intelligent and super sexy. The following questions are deep question you can ask a guy. In asking this questions, bear in mind that your motive is not to scare him, but to better understand him, his goals and dreams and what stage he’s currently in his life.

When asking deep question to a guy, it’s important to bear in mind  that some guys don’t like to be questioned especially with issues regarding to their past relationship. You must learn when to skip a question or avoid it totally. However, if your goal is to get to know the guy with the aim of getting into a serious relationship then asking deep questions are very important as they give you a top view of what you are going into. Here are some deep questions to ask a guy over text.

34. What happened to your last relationship?

35. If someone told you something not so pleasant about me, would you first ask me or would you just believe the person?

36. What more important to you, respect, love, loyalty, communication or sex?

37. What do you think about long distant relationship and is it something that works for you?

38. Can you be in a relationship without sex until you are married?

39. If for whatever reason am pregnant for you, what would you do?

40. Do you still talk to your ex and why?


Asking a guy questions either to turn him on over text or to get to know him works better when you are really into a guy, that said, always remember to be yourself and have fun. Guys enjoy a open hearted lady and will readily respond with their own sexual questions. You can also check out Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy.