50 Love Text Messages for Him or Her

Love is a beautiful thing and a wonderful experience. True love is something that is rare and uncommon, so when you found yourself in one, it’s important that you celebrate it. Telling or reminding that one special person how much he or she means to you it’s your mutual duty as it helps strengthen the relationship and build the foundation for a long lasting bond between you both. Words are the fuel for any relationship, right word mixed with deep emotion can unlock a whole new level of intimacy for you and your partner. We have put together 50 Love Text Messages that you can send to him or her that will not only warm their heart but express the depth of your love and appreciation.

Remember that the best love message is the one that comes deep from the heart, so in making your choice, pick from the one that most express your intimate feeling. Also feel free to modify or personalized it, make it yours and above all, communicate your heart with it. Love is a beautiful thing when you do it right.

50 Love Text Messages for Him or Her

1. My love for you is unexplainable, you are my rock, the air I breath, my inspiration and everything I ever wanted. Thanks for being there for me.

2. I love you, I miss you and I can’t wait to be in your arms again. Every passing day without you by my side is like living without air but am consoled by the thought of seeing you soon.

3. You know I like you but what you might not know is how much I do. I just don’t like you. I love you. You make my world complete.

4. I am speechless, speechless That’s how you make me feel Though I’m with you I am far away and nothing is for real When I’m with you I am lost for words, I don’t know what to say My head’s spinning like a carousel, so silently I pray.

5. Knowing you have been magical, loving you has been fulfilling. You’ve brought so much joy in my life within this short period than I have experienced all through my life. You make my world complete.

6.  There were days I look at people who are in love and wonder how it feels, now I understand. Loving you is beyond words. You not only inspire me, you compliment and complete me. I’m feel alive every time I think about.

7. Thoughts of you always being smiles to my face. You are heaven sent to me and I love you with all my heart.

8. No matter what happens, no matter what life throws at me, I always rise to it only because of your love. Your love is strength to me.

9. Deeper than any ocean, higher than the sky, stronger than any wild wind, that’s my love for you. I love you more than you can think or imagine.

10. This morning I woke up thinking of you, and I just want you to know how special you are to me. You remain the best part of my heart and life. I LOVE YOU!

16. Each time I see you my heart skip. Each moment I hear your sweet voice my heart melts, when ever I look at you, I fall all over in love with you. Your very presence in my life is so powerful that am lost in you. I have fallen in love with you.

17. This text message is not meant to flatter you. You are by far the most beautiful and gorgeous girl I have ever come and across. Your beauty is both inside and outside and that’s very rare.

18. First I thought we could never be friends, but now I know nothing can ever separate us. You are a part of me now, the most important part of me. I love you.

19. You’ve brought sunshine into my life. I used to think the sun is the hottest thing on earth.. but guess what? you are hotter and yet gentle.

20. You are a support system that I deeply appreciate. Apart from your love that gives me wings to fly, your kindness is second to none and I just want to appreciate you today. Thank You!!

21. Life has been better because of you. I never thought I could find someone so gentle, so peaceful, so handsome and more importantly so humble until I found you. You presence in my life is so much appreciated. I Love You!

22. The path that leads to love is so narrow that two can’t walk on it unless they become one. We are now one and it’s my prayer that our love grow each passing day.

23. The distance between two hearts is not an obstacle. It’s simply a reminder of how strong true love can be. No distance can separate us, my love for you is built to last.

24. I used to think you can only fall in love once until I met you. You see, everything I look at you, I fall in love over and over again. My love for you is refreshed every passing moment.

25. I have never doubted that I will find true love, but never did I imagine that it will come in a perfect way. You represent perfection to me and I want to keep loving you for the rest of my life.

31. Loving you have given me powers and wings to fly. I think of you every moment and I feel intense love, love like no one has been able to give me. You have made my life beautiful.

32. Every day has become my best day because of you. I woke up each morning with a smile knowing that I have you in my life. You are very special to me.

33. You may not know it but the thought of you bring constant happiness to my heart. I spend the whole day pondering about you and thinking of the moment I will be in your arms again.

34. You complete me in all totality. I desire no other but you. You’ve have changed my world and made my life filled with laughter and happiness. I love you to the end of the world.

35. Nothing compares to the love I feel whenever I think of you. You are my sunshine, my moon and my star. You are the reason I wake up smiling and blessing God for the day. You make my day worth looking forward to.

36. Every waking day is an opportunity to love you and experience being loved by you. You make me wanna dance all day long. Thank you for loving me so intensely.

37. Know this one thing for sure, my love for you is never ending. As the day gives way to another day so does my love give way to another intense love. My love for you grow stronger and stronger each passing day.

38. I want to tell you all the things I love about you but am not quite sure where to start. Your smile, your attitude, the way you carry yourself, your humor, your intelligence, the way you care about me. There is just so much of you that I love.

39. They say love comes in different package.. well love comes like you. Everything about you represent true love to me. I love you with all my whole heart.

40. I used to lie to myself that I will never allow myself to fall in love, but you got me at hello. You made falling in love with you so easy. Thank you for changing my view about love.

46. I have never doubted my love for you, not for a month, not for a week, not for a day, not even for an hour or a minute. I love you every second of the day. You make my life so meaningful.

47. Sometimes we find love, other times love finds us. Finding you is the greatest thing that has happened to me and I just want you to know how much I appreciate and adore you.

48. Thinking of you every moment bring so much joy that I cannot explain. I just want you to know that I will always be there for you whenever you need me no matter what happens.

49. You are the very kind of person I prayed for God to send my way. You have touched my life in more ways than words can express. I’m a better person all because you came into my life.

50. I had no idea it was possible to love someone so intensely and sincerely until I met you. Loving you has been the best thing that happened to me. Thank you sweetheart for showing me what love is!

Editor’s Note:

You probably don’t know this but there are just THREE things you have to do to “wake up” the romance center of any man’s brain… to get out of “Romantic Siberia” and turn your man into  the “Romantic Beast” you deserve (and desire so much)…
 First you need to REMIND HIM what a valuable prize you are… and bait him into hunting and chasing you again…
 Second you need to give him *permission* to be a guy…
 And third you need to make him feel SAFE…
 And you can do all of that with the cell phone you’ve got in your purse right now…