11 Love Commands That Triggers Love

Love Commands is a comprehensive relationship program that teaches secret love phrases which triggers different emotional feelings in the heart of a man, compelling him to act and respond in very predictable manner towards a woman. These phrases are results of years of research into the psychological mind and behavior of men and they have been tested and proven to work even with the most distant and cold hearted man. Love Commands is a program created by Scott Foster who is a relationship coach.

Scott Foster is a specialist when it comes to emotional trigger words and has brought his wealth of experience in counseling into creating this unique program. With Love Command program you will be learning the secret phrases that powerfully attracts men and keep them glue to you for as long as you want. Also you will be learning how to attract a man who once rejected you and how to get your ex to beg you to come back to his life again. Watch the below video and listen to Foster explains the concept of Love Commands.

Love Commands

Have you ever find yourself or currently find yourself in a relationship where it feels like you’re throwing away your energy, your heart, and your self-esteem on a man who just isn’t doing the job for you especially after he’s come on so strong and practically BEGGED you to give him a chance at the beginning? If so, then you are not alone.

It’s becoming common to find oneself in a relationship where a man you weren’t particularly interested in or attracted to spent weeks or months wooing you and listening to you and making you “fall” for him, and you finally did fall. But then he suddenly he pulled away, leaving you confused and hurt. If you are currently in these situation, then go straight away and Download Love Commands and learn how to turn things around this moment.

11 Love Commands That Triggers Love

Love Commands program is a collection of over 15 different secret commands that is design to trigger certain emotions in a man and make them act in a way intended to. We will be looking at 11 of such commands that triggers deep love and affection in a man and make him chose to become monogamous with you. These commands work independent of other and can be used individual. below are the 11 secret commands.

1. The Desire Reset Command – Keeping your relationship going is a continuous process, however ensuring that his desire for you remain hot can be tasking and frustrating. Desire reset command makes your tasking of keeping your man’s desire for you alive very simple. Use this command on him and watch how he suddenly feel intense love for you. He will begin to do new and romantic things for you and proudly show you on to his friends and social media. This command makes him want to be with you just like the first time he felt love for you. Download Desire Reset Command

2. The Attraction Fire Cracker Command – Are you worried that your man doesn’t find you attractive like before or no longer make sexual moves on you? Sometimes relationship can stall and that’s no fault of you, however doing something about it is your responsibility. The attraction fire cracker command makes your man find you instantly attractive every time he sets his eyes on you or see your picture. Use this command on him and watch how he will begin to crave your nearness so much that he won’t able to stop his fingers from texting you sweet little compliments every day. Download Attraction Fire Cracker Command

3. The Total Devotion Command – Do you desire your man to devote totally to you and only you? Then use this command on him and watch him do everything in his power to make you happy. You will become his only obsession and he will totally ignore all other girls. This command also make a man take your relationship with him serious. Download Total Devotion Command 

4. Be My Darling Command – This command makes your man receptive to your words, your touch and your love. He will be open to any discussion you want to have with him including the commitment and future of your relationship with him questions. Use this command on him and watch become more intimate and close to you, he will listen to you and always want to spend time with you. Download Be My Darling Command

5. The Instant Lovebirds Command – Want your partner to become your soul mate and see you as one? then use this command and watch how he will begin to see you as the prize, a complete package and the only woman for him. He will begin to see you as a lover, a partner and his soulmate. If you want your relationship to move to the next level then use this command on him. Download Instant Lovebirds Command

6. The Knot Of Commitment Command – This is the ultimate commitment trigger. If you want your man to commit to you and only you then this is the command you have to study and use. Use this command and watch how he suddenly finds you to be everything he’s ever desired in his ultimate dream wife. He will begin to yarn to be with you more than you can think of. This command trigger the desire to settle down and build a family with you. Only use this command on a man you truly love and see a future with. Download Knot Of Commitment Command

Obsession Phrases

7. The Freeze de-freeze Command – Do you find yourself in a love relationship with a man who is acting cold and distant towards you despite the fact that he approached you for a relationship? Then use this command and watch how he will begin to call you and talk to you for hours on end. He will open up his heart to you and discuss every tiny details and he will never get bored of listening to you. He will suddenly warm up to you and become more romantic, thoughtful and affectionate towards you. Download Freeze de-freeze Command

8. Love Me Again Command – This command work best for those looking to get their ex back into their lives but it also works for those who want their man to love them again. Nothing is worse like being in a relationship that is void of love. This command triggers the love instinct in a man and makes him have only affectionate thoughts about you. If he is an ex, he will begin to wonder why he broke up with you and start thinking how much he has missed you. This command trigger intense feeling in a man that he will do just about anything to be back in your life. Download Love Me Again Command

9. The Queen of Seduction Command – Want to get your man hot and desiring for you? then use this command on him tonight and see how he suddenly comes near you with deep desire and hunger for you. His feelings and intention about you will become clearly and he will communicate his desire you have you without and hesitation or shyness. Download Queen of Seduction Command

10. I Am Your Princess Command – If you want to become the most important person in a man’s life this is the command you need to use right away. This command makes a man have a special kind of feeling towards you. Use this command and he will begin to see you as part of him, the part that he loves and cherish, the part he always want to spend time with and adore. Download I Am Your Princess Command

11. The Feeling Enhancer Command – Do you feel your man’s desire and feeling for you is dying a slow death? Use this command on him and watch how his feeling will suddenly sky rocket. He will suddenly find you to be more beautiful and attractive every single day. He will begin to compliment your beauty and tell you how much he loves you more each passing day. Download Feeling Enhancer Command


Love commands is a very comprehensive program that contains tips, techniques and secret phrases a woman can use to enhance her relationship and make her man fall deeply in love with her. These commands are both easy to understand and use and works for even the most distant and cold hearted man. If you desire more love, affection and commitment in your relationship or simply want to win back the love of your man then this program will work for.

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