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12 Relationship Habits of the Happiest Couples

Happy Couples Guide

Some relationships are hard. Some relationships make lifting your head off of the pillow in the morning too much. The love is there. There’s no doubt about that, but the happiness? The happiness is something that died a long time ago. Eventually you come to admit that to yourself. Eventually you realize that love isn’t enough and that you need to be happy. But, how do you do that? How can you move on and be happy after spending so long with a cloud over you? How do you find happiness and how can you share that happiness with someone else?

It sounds hard, but it isn’t. There are plenty of happy couples out there, who love and support each other through every day living. So, what makes them different? How do they keep a hold of their happiness, when their lives merge together? There’s no real secret. A lot of it is hard work. But, there are certain things, common factors, which set them apart from the rest.

1. Happy Couples Appreciate Each Other.

It sounds too simple to be true, but it’s something, which becomes really easy to forget, when you’ve been with a person for a while. Big things don’t happen that often in life, so we need to appreciate the small things, the every day things that make a person special.

2. Happiest Couples Focus on The Positives.

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes you’re going to argue. Sometimes you’re going to stand back to back, as you take on the world. Focusing on the losses won’t do either of you any good though. In fact, the happiest, healthiest couples are those who focus on their strengths and the times that they’ve won. They don’t see arguments as a negative thing, they see them as an opportunity to learn and move forward.

3. Happy Couples Support Each Other.

Life isn’t easy, but having the right people around you can make it a lot easier. Sometimes when you’re in a bad relationship, it’s easy to forget what support actually feels like. You get used to climbing the hill. You get used to every idea causing an argument. This isn’t what happens in a healthy relationship though. Healthy relationships are full of support. When you’re happy in a relationship, you know you can take on the world, because you’re not alone and you have nothing to fear.

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4. Happy Couples Build Each Other Up.

It’s natural to be afraid of change. It’s natural to be afraid, when you’re quite sure how something is going to work out. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it though. Couples of push each other out of their comfort zones, who experience new things and who never let other just settle, are often the happiest of them all.

5. Happy Couples Work on Themselves.

When you’re in a healthy and happy relationship, you’ll find that all of your time isn’t preoccupied with worry and doubt. All of this free time can be used to work on you. It means you can rekindle friendships and build new ones. It means you can enjoy hobbies and find your own happiness that isn’t tied to the relationship, but will boost your relationship all the same.

6. Happy Couples Accept Mistakes.

People are human and they make mistakes. Some mistakes are bigger than others and it’s understandable if you can’t move passed them. It isn’t understandable however to stay with a person and drag out that mistake. If you can’t forgive then you should move on. The happy, healthy couples aren’t those who carry resentments. They are the kind that forgives each other’s mistakes.
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7. Happy Couples Put Their Best Foot Forward.

Happy couples aren’t bothered about what other people think about them. They are only concerned with what’s happening in their relationship.

8. Happy Couples Know Their Goals And Work on It Together.

You don’t need to share the same goals, but your goals need to take you to the same places. Happy relationships are built on a mutual future, which you both work on. It doesn’t always matter if you take the same path, but you both need to know that you’re heading to the same place. If he wants children for instance, but you don’t, then this is going to lead to a great deal of unhappiness in the future for one or both of you. To avoid this, happy couples tend to talk about their goals and aspirations, so they both know what the other has planned.

9. Happy Couples Focus on The Real World.

Happy couples don’t spend their entire lives on their phones. They switch off the digital and focus on the real world. They appreciate real moments and tend to only use social media to keep in touch with real life friends and family, rather than using it to update strangers to their every mood and thought.

10. Happy Couples Treat Each Other Well.

Happy couples never forget to treat their other halves, because they recognize how lucky they are. It’s not something that happens every day, but it’s certainly something that happens, even when the card companies aren’t trying to sell the idea.
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11. Happy Couples Never Stop Learning and Improving.

People change. Happy couples learn and grow together. They accept that the person they are with today isn’t quite the same person they first met and certainly won’t be the person they are with in ten years, but they know that it doesn’t matter, as long as those changes happen with them around.

12. The Happiest Couples Cheer and Motivate One Another.

Happy relationships are about picking each other up and dusting each other off. If one person is down, then the other should be helping them to cheer up. If one needs support, then the other will be their rock. That’s a fundamental of a strong, healthy relationship.

11 Signs To Know For Sure A Guy Likes You

Technology has taken over the world and that includes the world of dating. Bars and clubs have found themselves empty, as more and more single millennials turn to their phones in the hope of meeting the perfect person. Of course, this has led to a whole new set of dating problems that far surpass those of earlier years. It’s no longer about making eye contact from across the room, now it’s about getting your messages read and more importantly getting a reply. So, when it comes to meeting guys online, how can you tell whether or not he likes you? Here are 11 signs

1. The Little Time Signs A Guy Likes You

It’s not a well kept secret that waking up to little texts and messages from a potential love interests make us feel good. It’s only natural to feel that way, when there is someone taking time out of their lives to ensure that their thoughts and feelings are known. It’s also a clear sign that a guy likes you. If you’re getting good morning and goodnight texts from your love interest, then it’s a clear indication that you’re on their mind and they want you to know that.

It’s wise though to remember that some guys will go above and beyond in their attempts to make you think they are into you. It can be difficult sometimes to tell the difference between a genuine attempt to get to know you and a players move, but there are usually signs if you look hard enough. If you get messages every morning, at the same time for instance then that could mean that rather than actually messaging you he’s instead, scheduled texts to make it look, as though you’re on his mind. If you think this is happening, then you should call them on your suspicions. It’s better to know now, then when you’ve fallen too deeply for them.

2. The Respect Signs A Guy Likes You

Most guys don’t see big futures with girls that they don’t respect. Guys want women who can take control, look after them and stand up against them. If a guy likes you, then you’ll find that he will be willing to take things at your pace, even if it is clear that he’d like to move ahead. When a guy finds someone he likes, he’s willing to wait, because he knows the wait will be worth it.

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3. He Remembers The Little Things Signs

The little things matter. The little things can sometimes matter more than the big things, especially when it comes to them being remembered. It’s easy in the modern world of dating to get lost in the information you share about yourself and the information you receive about your potential interests. So, it really shows a person cares when they retain stories and information that they know is important to you. It shows that they’ve really been paying attention and they want to get to know you.

4. He Wants To See You Smile Signs

It can be hard to find reasons to smile, when everywhere you turn there is bad news and suffering to be found. We live in hard times, where a paycheck is the difference between having a roof over your head and sleeping out on the streets. So, if someone is going out their way to make you smile, then you can be sure that they care about you. People are naturally selfish creatures, who think about themselves before they think about others. The only time this isn’t the instance generally is when love or a deep connection is felt.

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5. The Arguments Upsets Him Signs.

Whenever ever people get close, they argue. That’s just fact. It doesn’t mean that those two people aren’t meant to be in each other’s lives or that they don’t care about each other. In fact, most of the time, arguments occur because two people care deeply about each other. If you argue with a potential interest and they are unaffected then this shows they don’t really care about you or the relationship you share, but if you argue and he’s upset about it, then you can be sure that there is defiantly something there.

6. He Builds You Up Signs.

If a guy tries to build you up and boost your confidence, then you can be sure that he cares about you. Guys want the women in their lives they care about to be happy and secure.

7. He Wants To Protect You Signs.

Guys know what other guys are like. Sometimes it can sound, as though they are being overly protective, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re right. They know what goes on in other guy’s minds and if they’re telling you that, then they are trying to protect you. A guy wouldn’t want you to cover up, if he didn’t want you all to himself.

8. The Real Life, Means Real Life To Him Signs.

Sure, you might have met online. Most people today do, but that doesn’t mean that your phones should stay in your hands once you have met. It’s the worst feeling in the world to go on a date, only to find that the guy you’re with won’t come off the dating app, which you both initially met on. It was also a clear indication that he really wasn’t that into me. If a guy likes you, then he’ll make you the centre of his attention, whenever he can. You should never find yourself fighting for the spotlight against his phone.

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9. He Wants To Make You His Priority Signs.

If you’re struggling to meet your interest because he always seems to be busy, then you should probably take that as a sign. If a guy is really interested in you, then he’ll make sure he makes the time to meet you. He’ll do this, because he knows that there are a hundred other guys out there, looking for a girl just like you and that you’re not going to wait around forever.

10. He’s Makes Things A Reality Signs.

It’s really easy to talk about the future, but that doesn’t make it a reality. If your guy is full of stories, but never lives up to what he says, then perhaps it’s time to reevaluate how much you really mean to him. When a guy really likes a girl, he will do everything he can to build a life, which he can share.

11. You’re Never His Second Choice Signs.

When a guy really likes a girl, he will never make her feel, as though she is his second choice. If a guy ever makes you feel like this, then you should walk away, because every girl and guy deserves more than to feel like second best.